Newsom Signs Law Forcing Colleges to Provide Abortion Medication on Campus

Abortion on Demand, Even After Class

Abortion is obviously a difficult topic to discuss, and one that still builds a lot of disagreements, even within the Republican Party. However, there seems to be a lockstep towards more abortions all the time in California. Gone are the days of “safe, legal, and rare.” Instead, the state headed by Governor Newsom is dramatically expanding the role of abortion in individuals’ lives. This includes on campus– which should be more of a neutral ground instead of an epicenter of politics.

However, the Governor signed a bill into law this session mandating that colleges provide abortion pills on campus. This forces clinics that had no role in this debate prior to become a hotbed for politics. The Sacramento Bee reported on the case.

The law forces all public universities to provide abortion pills at their campus clinics by 2023. State Senator Connie Leyva proposed the legislation three years ago. This was originally rejected by Governor Jerry Brown, who argued that abortion services are available an average of five miles from each campus in the state.

A Vice President of the Berkeley College Republicans, Rudra Reddy said, “Newsom is opposed to the moratorium on the death penalty in California but he’s perfectly fine executing unborn children.”

Governor Newsom said, “We’re removing barriers to reproductive health – increasing access on college campuses and using technology to modernize how patients interact with providers.” What a copout. The Governor also compared the law to efforts to diminish abortion in other states. However, he did not talk about the effects of his legislation on the colleges themselves. Or the money needed to fund it. Or the regulation’s effects on women.

Opposed More Widely than Other Legislation

Not only did religious and conservative groups oppose the measure, but Newsom’s own Department of Finance did as well. The Department said that the new plan was not feasible with the staff it had. It also said that the plan would be very expensive and difficult implementing. Furthermore, this is a radical change. Such a bill is way out there for many voters. Newsom’s efforts are out of the mainsteam. Not to mention how California pushes outside of the other states’ consensus on abortion.

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Blackouts a Symptom of CA’s Political Failures

Back to the Gray Davis Days

Blackouts and brownouts are rolling across California again. It’s the same as the bad old days under Governor Gray Davis. This is supposed to be a first world state. Instead, California’s power grid and electricity system is acting more like that of a failed state. It’s a complete disgrace. In fact, despite all of the talk about the recent wildfires, the true cause of many of the electricity issues are man made. Our should we say– Democrat made.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on the issues in a recent article. In many ways, the state control of the electrical grid caused severe issues. The state supports PG&E as a state monopoly. This utility is unable to properly keep the lights on, while it also racks up the dollars on executive spending and stock options. Democrats in the legislature and Governor’s mansion looked the other way for years as PG&E did not fulfill its obligations to clear flammable brush out of the way of power lines.

Failed Government Policies and More

Furthermore, the use of electricity mandates are causing even more issues. California has not built any nuclear power plants in decades. Furthermore, environmental policy effectively bans the construction of any new large power dams in the state. Right there– the two largest carbon-neutral sources of power are off the table for consumers.

Meanwhile, people like Governor Newsom will virtue signal and tell us all about how we need to save the environment. Instead, his mandates for green energy are actually spiking prices while creating a less stable power grid. Tech has not caught up to what the Governor wants yet. Furthermore, California is becoming increasingly dependent on importing energy from out of the state. This situation is unsustainable and unacceptable. Hopefully, voters will use this as a chance to make a change.

Opinion Piece Asks: Is California a Failed State?

May Soon be Unable to Fulfill its Promises

California is in deep trouble again. Don’t just take it from this site– you could probably tell we already believed that. However, you can find that out from even left-wing publications now questioning the state’s viability.

And that doesn’t mean just a failed state as in terms of the union. Instead, it means it in the wider context: is California on the brink of not being able to provide the services it promises to both citizens and illegal immigrants? The signs seem to be pointing to yes, unfortunately. Furthermore, the state’s policies are becoming more radical at a time that the state cannot handle any more major changes. In addition, the sharply increased spending will catch up to the state in time– and probably sooner rather than later.

How did we get here?

Take a look at this recently published Bloomberg piece, sharply stating that California is in “big trouble” again. Ouch. Not a very good way to describe the state. The whole nation is going through a major economic boom– and yet California seems to be lagging behind again. Why?

Most likely due to a variety of failed Democratic policies and their effects.

Considering that Bloomberg is a center left publication, this must be a very bitter pill to swallow.

Fundamental Issues

The state budget is stuck together with tape and bubble gum, carrying small surpluses due to heavy new taxation. However, the state may be headed back to the bad old days of $40 billion deficits like in 2010 (not a typo). Furthermore, the state’s homeless population spiked 5.3% between 2010 and 2018– and the state represents a full half of all homeless in the nation. Furthermore, the state’s population of citizens is actually decreasing. Thousands move out of the state every month to escape high taxation and regulation. Most of these familiies leaving are solidly middle class, to boot.

Will the last person out of the state turn out the lights?

CA, Newsom Double Down on Illegal Immigrant Benefits

Bars Arrests in Courthouses for Immigration Offenses

The Los Angeles Times reported on the dramatic– but not very surprising– changes to the law.

According to the law, young people brought to the country illegally as children– the Dreamers– now can receive graduate tuition as the same rates as citizen children of Califonia. State Senator Maria Elena Durazo, of Los Angeles, said that she believes that the Governor will extend Medi-Cal benefits for illegal immigrants above the age of 65 next year. Newsom extended such benefits to illegal immigrants up until the age of 25 this year. Durazo originally wanted the coverage for all illegals. However, this did not pass due to its estimated $2.3 billion pricetag.

Newsom also signed legislation allowing illegal immigrants to serve on government boards and commissions. The Governor also barred the arrest of such illegals for immigration violations in state courthouses.

Such policies are the next stage in the long decline of California. Unfortunately, with Democrats having a filibuster-proof majority in the Legislature, there’s not much that the rest of the state can do. The coast controls the legislation coming in and out of the statehouse. Sacramento is now completely at the mercy of Governor Newsom and his allies.

Setting the Bar Even Lower

The Governor’s use of special protections for illegal immigrants is very dangerous to begin with. He barred local police from working with ICE or the federal government. Furthermore, Newsom supports the use of state dollars for just about every program to benefit illegals over native born or naturalized citizens. The state is entering into a dangerous spiral out of control. For all of the faults of Jerry Brown, he seemed to hold a radical like Gavin Newsom in check. Now that Newsom and his allies are in charge of the state, it’s looking more and more like a failed state.

Newsom’s Freelancer Law an Assault on Press Freedom

For all of the fancy talk about supporting press freedoms, the Governor sure doesn’t seem to match those words with actions. Is anyone else tired of hearing stuffed suits like Newsom talk about press repression ‘in the age of Donald Trump’ yet reversing basic right to work freedoms? It is beyond tiring. Furthermore, it is very hypocritical.

The new legislation puts a major crimp in the ability for individuals to market their own work in the state of California. The Hollywood Reporter (of all places) reported on the changes.

Governor Newsom signed Assembly Bill 5 into law on September 18th. It will come into effect on January 1st. The bill includes a crackdown on the freedom of freelance workers to do their jobs. This includes drivers for Uber and Lyft. It includes writers. It includes people writing for newspapers or on the internet. According to the new law, California freelancers are capped at just 35 submissions a year per news source. As a result, it is now very difficult for writers to be able to keep working at the same pace that they did. Newsom signed the law proposed by Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez.

Read the text of the law itself here.

Discriminatory and Out of Touch

The law itself heavily punishes part time workers that do not want to come into work every day– or perhaps can’t. Furthermore, the proposed law also harms non-white writers. As THR reported, while 77% of newsrooms are white, (compared to 66% of the population) 62% of freelancers are that race. Unfortunately, all of the well-meaning policy in the world won’t solve underlying problems. Even Assemblywoman Gonzalez agreed that her legislation is arbitrary. That is cold comfort to writers soon to be out of work. What a major shame. Furthermore, it’s another black mark on the reputation of California and business.

State Somehow Screws Up Legal Marijuana

This reminds me of a recent article that came out about legalization in Canada. The province of Ontario somehow managed to lose $42 million selling marijuana last year, according to the CBC. Such a thing should be impossible. However, with government, mismanagement is always the most likely option. It’s like that old Soviet joke– that if the Communists took over the Sahara Desert, within five years it would run out of sand.

Similar here in California. Voters and lawmakers expanded people’s rights in its legalization efforts. However, the legislators doubled back to severely restrict the market. This over-regulation and taxation instead led to severe disruptions. And since there is no real check on private production, many smokers have simply turned to the black market. Who could have guessed?

Reason wrote a good piece on the phenomenon. According to an informal count, there are now three times as many illegal dispensaries in the state as legal. The state raided almost $19 million in unlicensed sales last year. This compared to an estimated near $9 billion in total illegal sales in the state.

Complicating the Simple, Over and Over Again

Considering that the state does everything it can to make the process more complex, why should we be surprised. State and local taxes drive up the cost of legal weed by 30%. Not to mention the fact that Los Angeles is considering dragging out small time illegal sellers and growers. Another proposal is to cut off the power supply to suspected growers. Sounds a lot like how the law was carried out before legalization.

And LA is doing its best to constrain the legal market. According to the Reason article:

The city has received more than 1,600 applications to operate legally, but it has licensed only 187 so far this year. Only now, in September—nine months after it became legal to operate recreational marijuana dispensaries—is it going to approve 100 additional licenses.

Just make sure never to let Governor Newsom or the Legislature anywhere near the Sahara.

Newsom’s Rent Control Scheme Will Only Increase Housing Costs

Destroying CA’s Housing Supply, One Step at a Time

It is now official. Sacramento is going out of its way to harm your bottom line even more. After years of socialist-style experiments on housing supplies, the state is making the housing situation even worse. Prepare for even higher rents in the years to come as Governor Newsom signed the bill into law.

Rent control bill AB 1482 places a cap on the increase in rent in the state.

Of course, making the scheme even worse is the fact that the state is in a self-imposed housing shortage. A combo of environmental and zoning restrictions means that the state is adding far fewer housing units than we need. As a state of almost 40 million people, this is simply unacceptable.

Combining Housing Restrictions with Price Controls is a Recipe for a Shortage

In fact, CA ranks as 49th of 50th nationwide in housing production, according to Politifact. Years of Democratic control in Sacramento and in city halls across the state have simply made the problem worse. The combination of a shortage plus price controls will only make the issue much bigger in the years to come.

Reason reported on the terrible policy. The article cites a recent study, that found in part that:

“while rent control prevents displacement of incumbent renters in the short run, the lost rental housing supply likely drove up market rents in the long run, ultimately undermining the goals of the law.”

In parts of CA that are actually growing, this doubles the issue. Restrictive housing markets such as San Francisco require a balance to pricing. Soviet-style price controls do the exact opposite. Mark my words– there will be a sharp decrease in quality housing in the state over the next decade relative to needs. Just what we don’t need at the worst possible time.

California to Stop Suspending Students for Defiance

The Next in a Long List of Bad Decisions

In a surprising (yet not surprising) and disappointing move, California is taking another step in the wrong direction. The Golden State’s school system is already ranked at a gentleman’s C according to the Mercury News. However, the system under Governor Gavin Newsom is making the situation even worse.

Legislation Ruining Discipline in Schools

According to Senate Bill 419, Democrats pushed through a major new change in educational policy. The bill, still winding its way through the Legislature after being passed by the Assembly August 19th would do the unthinkable.

The bill that passed the Assembly would ban schools from suspending students in grade four through eight for disrupting school activities or willfully defying school authorities, including administrators and teachers.

By January 1, 2025, the process would continue further. The policy would expand into high school, leading to major and expanding behavioral issues. As if CA doesn’t have enough problems already. Furthermore, California’s schools are both among the highest funded and worst crowded. Socialist policies and poor choices led to these issues. Governor Newsom is doubling down on the same issues that caused the problems in the first place. And now the Assembly and State Senate is doing the same.

Even worse, the new law would apply not only to public schools but also charter schools. Elementary schools in California already cannot suspend disruptive students between kindergarten ad third grade. Furthermore, current law also bans the school from recommending expulsion of disruptive students.

Should the bill become law, it would become effective July 1, 2020. Just in time for the next school year.

If you have a problem with the new bill, speak out. Contact our organization for more info. Furthermore, write to your Assembly member or State Senator. Just another bill passed in Sacramento meant to ruin the state a little bit further.

Californians Leaving the State in Record Numbers

More Bad News for Governor Newsom

In more difficult news for the State of California, its residents are leaving in massive numbers. Following a litany of anti-business regulations and tax increases, it should be of no surprise. In fact, the middle class of the state is leaving by the tens of thousands. California, which once housed the largest middle class in the world, is now a very different state. In many ways, California is becoming a combination of rich coastal elites and poor from Latin America.

The rate of residents leaving is so bad that the state’s population may soon shrink, according to a Quartz article. Even counting in natural births and legal and illegal immigration, the state is likely to fall behind many of the other states in the union.

Net migration to the state has fallen so far, that it is now negative. Even as Calfornia’s economy struggled earlier in the decade, it still attracted thousands of residents, often illegal immigrants. Recent data showed that in 2016 and 2017, the number of residents coming to the state was an actual negative. This also caused the overall popualtion growth to decline from nearly 400,000 in 2013 to about 150,000 in 2017. If this trend continues, the state’s population will actually start shrinking before not too long.

Growing Further

Perhaps not surprisingly, the percentage of people wishing to leave the state has increased dramatically. In one survey from earlier in 2019 cited by CNBC, a full majority of the state’s residents would consider leaving the state. The actual figure is now 53%– up from 49%. Even with the national economy improving, the headwinds at the state level make it far more difficult to make a living in the state. Poor planning and NIMBY regulations increased costs to an unacceptable level. According to the article,

“There’s no doubt that California’s economy, for all of its strengths when it comes to innovation and creating these industries that people want to be part of, is struggling with high costs,” said Aaron Terrazas, a senior economist with online real estate site Zillow.

Petition Reopened

Holding Politicians Responsible

Back by popular demand, we have reopened the petition to recall Governor Gavin Newsom from office. We originally started this petition during his time as Lt. Gov in 2016, and garnered over 5,000. In order to get a recall on the ballot, we need 12% of the total votes from the last Governor’s race, which totaled 7.7 million. That means that we’ll need over 900,000 signatures! It’s a big hill to climb, which is even more a reason to get involved! With the help of the citizens of California, we have a chance!

Of course, to get to nearly a million signatures we need any assistance we can get. For more info on how you can help the cause, please contact us on the “contact us” form on the right sidebar. Furthermore, if you would like to organize physical signatures or donate to the cause, please contact us.

The more publicity we get, the higher chance there is we can get this item on the ballot. Please make sure to share with your friends on Facebook and in popular online groups. Send this info as a letter to your local paper. Contact your friends and neighbors. There is no way that we have any chance without working together. California is not yet lost!

Collective Action Needed

Our actions together determine the future of California. Do we want a future of broken needles and feces on the streets of San Francisco? Do we want to tax the middle class completely out of the state? Should we tolerate terrible conditions of roads? Or the poor results of our educational system? Or rising tuition at the CalState and UC systems? Of course not! We can work together on this great project, just as we did in 2003 to throw out Governor Gray Davis after his terrible admin. We’ve done it before and we can do it again!