Californians Leaving the State in Record Numbers

More Bad News for Governor Newsom

In more difficult news for the State of California, its residents are leaving in massive numbers. Following a litany of anti-business regulations and tax increases, it should be of no surprise. In fact, the middle class of the state is leaving by the tens of thousands. California, which once housed the largest middle class in the world, is now a very different state. In many ways, California is becoming a combination of rich coastal elites and poor from Latin America.

The rate of residents leaving is so bad that the state’s population may soon shrink, according to a Quartz article. Even counting in natural births and legal and illegal immigration, the state is likely to fall behind many of the other states in the union.

Net migration to the state has fallen so far, that it is now negative. Even as Calfornia’s economy struggled earlier in the decade, it still attracted thousands of residents, often illegal immigrants. Recent data showed that in 2016 and 2017, the number of residents coming to the state was an actual negative. This also caused the overall popualtion growth to decline from nearly 400,000 in 2013 to about 150,000 in 2017. If this trend continues, the state’s population will actually start shrinking before not too long.

Growing Further

Perhaps not surprisingly, the percentage of people wishing to leave the state has increased dramatically. In one survey from earlier in 2019 cited by CNBC, a full majority of the state’s residents would consider leaving the state. The actual figure is now 53%– up from 49%. Even with the national economy improving, the headwinds at the state level make it far more difficult to make a living in the state. Poor planning and NIMBY regulations increased costs to an unacceptable level. According to the article,

“There’s no doubt that California’s economy, for all of its strengths when it comes to innovation and creating these industries that people want to be part of, is struggling with high costs,” said Aaron Terrazas, a senior economist with online real estate site Zillow.

Petition Reopened

Holding Politicians Responsible

Back by popular demand, we have reopened the petition to recall Governor Gavin Newsom from office. We originally started this petition during his time as Lt. Gov in 2016, and garnered over 5,000. In order to get a recall on the ballot, we need 12% of the total votes from the last Governor’s race, which totaled 7.7 million. That means that we’ll need over 900,000 signatures! It’s a big hill to climb, which is even more a reason to get involved! With the help of the citizens of California, we have a chance!

Of course, to get to nearly a million signatures we need any assistance we can get. For more info on how you can help the cause, please contact us on the “contact us” form on the right sidebar. Furthermore, if you would like to organize physical signatures or donate to the cause, please contact us.

The more publicity we get, the higher chance there is we can get this item on the ballot. Please make sure to share with your friends on Facebook and in popular online groups. Send this info as a letter to your local paper. Contact your friends and neighbors. There is no way that we have any chance without working together. California is not yet lost!

Collective Action Needed

Our actions together determine the future of California. Do we want a future of broken needles and feces on the streets of San Francisco? Do we want to tax the middle class completely out of the state? Should we tolerate terrible conditions of roads? Or the poor results of our educational system? Or rising tuition at the CalState and UC systems? Of course not! We can work together on this great project, just as we did in 2003 to throw out Governor Gray Davis after his terrible admin. We’ve done it before and we can do it again!


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To make change, we must all act together. If you have any stories about how Governor Newsom is making the state a worse place to live, contact us today. Use our contact form to share stories with the audience and increase the nation’s knowledge of what Newsom’s done to our state.

For example, some recent news stories about the corruption in Sacramento.

LA Times: Newsom’s Anti-Trump Election Bill Worthy of Putin

I guess the LA Times is like a broken clock every once in a while. The newspaper published a letter to the editor slamming CA’s unconstitutional attempt to keep President Trump off the ballot in 2020. The state refuses to allow Trump to seek election in the state unless he releases his tax returns. It reads in part:

If people want to vote for a candidate despite a flaw — be it financial opaqueness or any other — by what right should the state stop them?

In 2016, the new California election law requiring any candidate to release five years of tax returns in order to appear on the primary ballot would have erased more than 1.6 million votes cast for Donald Trump. Had Russian hackers erased this many votes, would we consider the election legitimate?

Using the Gilroy Shooting for Politics

After the terrible July 2019 shooting at a Garlic Festival in Gilroy, the Governor was quick to use it for politics. According to KRON, Newsom wants new gun laws. This is despite the fact that the shooter bought the gun legally in Nevada.

He used the attack as an attempt to override our rights yet again:

“We need a national background check system, we need to close the gun show loopholes,” Newsom said. “We need to address the absurdity that you can’t even rent a car at 19 let alone drink, but you can buy a weapon of war and gun down 12-15 people, it’s absurd, it’s extremism. The current debate in this country is not adequate to address another crisis.”