The Ramifications of the Ryan Newman NASCAR Crash

A Difficult Road Ahead for Famed NASCAR Driver

NASCAR driver Ryan Newman deserves our thoughts and prayers. Injured in a terrifying Daytona 500 crash, the driver is looking at a long recovery period ahead of him. A fellow driver, Corey Lajoie spoke to FoxNews about the crash and what Newman’s recovery may look like.

Fortunately, Newman is making a quicker than expected recovery. This is good news for him, his family, and the sport. It also shows the great advances of medical science. Below is a video of Newman leaving the hospital with his kids.

In cases like this, there are many things to consider. This includes the circumstances of the crash itself. Below is a video of the heart stopping moment that the collision occurred.

A Lesson for the Rest of Us

NASCAR implemented a number of safety measures to prevent such accidents. In addition, the unique construction of the racing cars makes serious injury or death much less likely than in years past. However, this does not tell the whole story. For the average American, a crash at any speed is serious. Furthermore, higher speed accidents are much more likely to result in severe injury or even death. In addition, such accidents happen in normal vehicles without the same safety equipment. Secondly, for regular crashes there are usually not medical professionals just feet away to tend to the injured parties. All of this increases the chance of long term complications.

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People Fleeing California Accelerated in 2019

Part of a Wider Trend

For the seventh year in a row, more people left California than moved to it. This is a stunning rebuke to the policies of Governors Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom. Now that the Golden State is facing severe poverty and economic pressure, this is the time for deep and structural reform. However, the leaders in Sacramento don’t seem ready to make the changes our state needs in order to survive and thrive.

In 2019, a massive 691,000 people left the state for other parts of the nation. In fact, it should be no suprise that Texas is the number one destination for these emigres. Furthermore, Texas added more jobs in 2018 than all of the other 49 states in the union. Second on the list for Californians leaving their former home state is next door Arizona. Third is Washington and fourth in Nevada. Rounding out the top ten, only one of the states that Californians are moving to is a high tax state: New York. The other nine are all low tax destinations.

This is some terrible news to close out the year with. The San Francisco Gate covered the surprising (yet not really surprising) story.

More to Come in the Near Future

Even worse, a full half of the state’s residents are considering moving to greener pastures. Don’t let my words convince you– let’s see what the Gate wrote:

Even for those hanging on to the California dream, more than half are considering leaving, according to a recent UC Berkeley poll. As for why people keep moving out of the Golden State, there’s no real surprise there: The high cost of housing was the number one reason cited.

California’s economy is truly struggling, and the trend is only getting worse. Governor Newsom can’t take all of the blame, but considering that he and Brown have been in power for nine years, he can’t escape responsibility for the disaster our state faces.

No, There Hasn’t Been a Massive Surge in Mass Shootings

Refuting the Incorrect “Facts” in the Gun Control Debate

Alright, this one has been a pet peeve of mine for a long time. For us in the Golden State, we’ve been persecuted as legal gun owners for too long. Starting from the top with Governor Gavin Newsom, politicians love to make us out to be the root of all of the state’s problems. Not only are we following the law, they usually aren’t. There are too many hypocritical cases of gun grabbers defying gun laws. In addition, their laws are often not even constitutional. Enough really is enough.

So in my mailbox I received this note about the supposed epidemic of gun violence sweeping across the country. Unfortunately for the author, it’s just not true.

Screenshot 2019-12-29 at 4.44.54 PM

Pew did some research on the topic not long ago. Despite what you hear on the media, gun crime fell dramatically in our nation over the last three decades. That includes killing spree style shootings. These mass shootings gain more media coverage– and in some cases even more victims. However, they are more rare than in times past. This includes school shootings, as well.

Review this chart from the Pew story:

Gun Crime Statistics

As you can see, not only is gun crime falling, but it is by leaps and bounds. This correlates strongly with the expansion of concealed carry rights across the nation. Now with more states passing shall issue and constitutional carry statutes, the crime rates are falling even further. For example, according to FBI statistics, the rate of murder fell over 50% since 1990– an astonishing accomplishment.

Crime Rates Tell Another Story

Of course, some of the areas with the most stubborn crime rates remain the same places where gun control is the strongest. Chicago often comes to mind. Where the average person cannot defend themselves, they are the most vulnerable.

Let’s not let what happened here in California infect the rest of the nation. We owe that to ourselves!

CA is Nation’s Welfare Capital

A Terrible Distinction for a Failing State

At the end of the Second World War, California opened its golden gates as a capital of middle class wealth. Millions of people from across the nation and even the world came to our state to live out the American Dream. Now, after decades of Democratic Party dominance, the state is moving in the opposite direction. Of late, much of this terrible track record lies at the feet of Governor Gavin Newsom. It gives me no pleasure to report on this trend. In fact, it is many years in the making. Our state has gone from incredibly wealthy to a bizarre mix of the rich on the coast and everyone else.

All of this has terrible results for the middle class. With the Republican Party in retreat in the state, there is no organized resistance against such a series of policies. In addition, Dems hold a veto proof majority in both houses of the legislature. Any means of escaping this man made tragedy will be long and difficult, to say the least.

The San Diego Union Tribune did a really interesting piece on the topic. Of course, if you have lived in the state for any moment in the last several decades, none of this should come as a surprise at all. This contributes heavily to the state’s growing homelessness problem.

How to Fix the Issue

Fixing this problem will be far harder than creating it. Considering that the state leads the nation in poverty at every level, politicians would have to find true solutions instead of simply pandering to the lowest common denominator.

Recalling Gavin Newsom would be a nice start, to be sure.

President Trump Highlights California’s Growing Homeless Crisis

Getting Too Much National Attention

As if the Golden State wasn’t receiving enough negative attention, it only seems to get worse. Our state has the worst homelessness problem in the entire nation. Furthermore, while representing just over 10% of the national population, CA makes up about one third of all of the welfare rolls nationally. Furthermore, state policies only make the homeless problem worse. For a state that needs an App to navigate around human feces in the street, Governor Gavin Newsom seems to be taking a hiatus from responsibility.

So much for his oath to the state and people of California.

Now President Donald Trump is weighing in with his own thoughts. After relentless attacks by Governor Newsom, the President tweeted about the longstanding homeless crisis our state faces.

FoxNews reported on the case, with local businesswoman Elizabeth Novak pitching in. Novak went on the morning show Fox and Friends and brought up what we’ve all been thinking:

“While Gavin is, you know, spending his time like I said before in trolling Donald Trump and not really doing his job, our president is going through a highly illegal impeachment process and he’s listening to us more than our own governor and, I say, bravo, President Trump,”

Fixing the Bigger Problem

Governor Newsom has much bigger priorities than picking a fight with the Commander in Chief. In addition, the underlying issues are not being addressed at all. In fact, they are only getting worse. All of the national attention is well deserved. Sanctuary laws and more make this state worse. Furthermore, there are no real fixes in the work. Governor Newsom owes us more than this.

Newsom’s Green Pension Plans Risk Default

Putting More Pressure on Taxpayers and Retirees

Governor Gavin Newsom is playing three card monty with our state’s pension funds. You remember? The ones that were in terrible shape before any of this experimentation?

The SacBee reported that Governor Newsom is going to include pension funds into a green scheme. The effort will withhold funds from some major transportation projects as well as redirect investment. All of this is a losing proposition. The new investment will bring back a lower return, requiring more worker contribution or tax dollars. Furthermore, switching where transport dollars go will likely lead to fewer, yet more expensive projects.

What could go wrong? The Governor thinks that all of this could go over the head of pensioners and taxpayers. Hopefully, we can prove him wrong.

Risky Scheme on Top of One of the Worst Systems in the Nation

As if things weren’t bad enough, the Governor is playing poker with our saved up retirement costs. And California has a terrible reputation for such things, anyhow. There are thousands of cases of bloated retirement packages, and state employees retiring years early. Furthermore, the state never properly financed such systems, despite how much it taxes. There’s a lesson in here somewhere, if any of the people in Sacramento were listening. The Golden State is one of the most at-risk pension systems in the nation, the Orange County Register reported.

Furthermore, the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) and California State Teachers’ Retirement System (CalSTRS) each don’t earn nearly what they should anyway. This is terrible news for retirees. It’s even worse for people planning to retire anytime soon. And perhaps it is worst for the taxpayers of the state. Public unions squeezed us for years. This is the result. None of it bodes well for the state’s future. Unfortunately, our governor choose to gamble our futures even more.

Why is Gov Newsom Campaigning in Iowa While Our State is On Fire?

Where is Our Governor?

Like it or not, until and unless we recall Gavin Newsom, he is still the Governor of California. While we have power outages and wildfires, the least he could do is actually act like one. However, the state is still in need of a central figure while he is playing politician in other states.

Fires have settled down somewhat, but the state is still in need of leadership. Thousands of acres and homes were destroyed, and yet the Governor doesn’t seem to care. Instead, he was recently in Iowa to campaign for our other do-nothing local official, Kamala Harris. Perhaps Newsom’s campaigning there did to her campaign what he’s done to our state. She dropped out less than a week later. Oops.

Regardless of these grandiose political dreams, Newsom is still not doing his job. The SacBee reported on what the Governor’s gameplan was this coming weekend (before Harris announced she was leaving the race):

Newsom will help kick off a canvassing event for Harris in the Des Moines area on Saturday, Dec. 14. Later that day he’ll also speak about the senator’s record on LGBT rights and will attend a Harris campaign party at a private home in Des Moines. The following day, he’ll visit canvass event in Cedar Rapids and will attend a climate action-themed party for her at a home in Coralville.

So instead of actually acting as our chief executive, he was planning to spend time virtue signaling 2,000 miles away? Gotcha.

A Renewed Call for Action

If this doesn’t get you ready to recall Governor Newsom, I’m not sure that anything will. For more info on how to get involved, contact us or read other pages on our site. Furthermore, our group’s actions are growing alongside other statewide orgs. Together, we might be able to take California back.

State GOP Endorses the Recall Petition!

Perhaps the Start of the Next Gray Davis Moment

If you follow our site regularly, you know that we have been at this for several years now. In fact, our movement started while Gavin Newsom was still the Lt. Governor of the state under Jerry Brown. After his multiple gun grabbing efforts, we saw the corruption and incompetence coming. We decided to step up the effort after Newsom took the reins in Sacramento.

And we’re especially glad we did.

Now, the state Republican Party is backing our cause. Last week, the state GOP announced that it supported a recall effort against the Governor.

The Sacramento Bee reported on the big developments.

Even better, the organizations are raising money to further the effort. The SacBee reported that:

The two committees leading the effort to recall Newsom have reported raising nearly $53,000, according to filings made with the Secretary of State’s Office. Republican congressional candidate Erin Cruz raised $5,000 through her RAN Action Fund, while San Diego physician James Veltmeyer raised nearly $48,000 through his “Californians to Recall Gavin Newsom” coalition. Veltmeyer is also a former Republican congressional candidate.

It also appears that with the news coverage and grassroots support, the effort is just warming up. Furthermore, there is no significantly larger public support for such an action than previous. We now have a real shot of pulling this off.

Join the Fight!

Our group is just one of several with the same goal. To find out more or to sign the petition, please visit other parts of the site. Furthermore, if you are interested in carrying a petition in person please contact us or join one of our sister organizations growing up across the state.

California deserves better, and we might just be able to make it happen. We did it in 2003– and now it’s time to do it in 2020!

Newsom Vetoes Stronger Protection for Pedestrians

A Strike Against Walkers and Riders

California Governor Gavin Newsom took a major step back for safer streets this week. He rejected a bill that supported CalTrans prioritizing safety measures for pedestrians and bike riders. Instead, the Governor vetoed the legislation when it came to his desk. This was a grave mistake.

In fact, the action is likely to create severe problems for walkers and bike riders at a time when California’s roads are already unfriendly for them. The state’s system of transport is heavily weighed towards cars already. Furthermore, the motorist-centric approach already inhibits pedestrian traffic in major cities like Los Angeles.

KPIX reported on the stunning news. Pedestrian and bicyclist advocates hoped that the Governor would sign the bill.

May Survive Veto

State Senator Scott Weiner introduced the Complete Streets Bill, or SB 127. Among the many elements of the bill, CalTrans would be obligated to ensure better crosswalks and buildings to support walking, biking, and public transit.

The Governor said, “I fully support improving facilities to increase walking, biking and accessing public transit. However, this bill creates a prescriptive and costly approach to achieve these objectives.”

There was a major disagreement on the issue of cost. Weiner said that his bill may increase the cost of road miles by between $20,000 to $600,000. CalTrans’ estimate was much higher. Weiner believes that the CalTrans estimate was inaccurate. He called it “bogus.”

It is not clear whether the legislature has enough votes to override the Governor’s veto. However, this marks a negative day for California roads. The Governor took an oath to support the safety of all citizens. Supporting better facilities for pedestrians would be a good first step in that process. Furthermore, he did not complete the research needed for such a decision.

To find out more about potential safety issues on CA roads, keep it dialed here. We review different legislation and its effects. In addition, our skilled attorneys chime in with our decades of experience. Specifically, our years of personal injury law training are second to none. In conclusion, contact us for more info.

State Bars More than One Gun Purchase Per Month

Another Major Infringement on the Second Amendment

Governor Gavin Newsom is certainly brandishing his reputation as a gun grabber even further. Despite the state already having the most restrictive gun laws in the country, Governor Newsom signed new legislation into law that takes this even further. Previous CA laws barred people from buying more than one handgun per month. Under the new state law, this applies to long guns as well.

State Senator Anthony Portantino, a Democrat, introduced the legislation. According to the legislation, now purchases of long guns are restricted under state law. Furthermore, it also bars people under the age of 21 from exercising their rights. The Sacramento Bee reported on the new law.

Portantino said, “Limiting bulk purchases of guns, in this case the type of high capacity weapons that are the gun of choice for many mass shootings, will keep these guns from falling under the radar and getting into the wrong hands.”

Newsom said that he struggled with whether or not to sign the legislation, but decided to do so anyway.

The new law will come into effect July 1, 2021. There are waivers in the law for private security, police… and movie studios. Of course.

Just the Latest Assault on Citizens’ Freedoms

Unfortunately, this law is just another example of Sacramento restricting the God-given rights of the people of California. The state already has the toughest anti-gun laws in the country, and this sets an arbitrary limit on the ability of individuals to hunt or defend themselves. Not to mention the fact that it is not the legislature or Governor Newsom’s business how many legal firearms anyone purchases in a given period.

Furthermore, this is not going to be the last major piece of anti-gun legislation that will come out of the state anytime soon. We cannot accept this.