Leading the Fight: Michael Ehline

Michael Ehline is a Los Angeles-based legal expert. He received a JD from the University of West Los Angeles after reading the law to pass the bar, in the manner of Abraham Lincoln. He is a former Marine Corps infantryman that understands the value and unbreakable nature of the law.

From his practice Ehline Law, Michael has made it a point to stand up for those that cannot. He has successfully represented various clients that are seriously injured or handicapped through compassion and understanding. He is the recipient of the 2015 Litigator Award from the Trial Lawyers Board of Regents. He is currently the President of the Circle of Legal Trust, which brings together attorneys to discuss changes in the field and how to better serve clients.

Ehline became interested in the effort to recall Lt. Governor Newsom after his repeated overreaches. Newsom’s flagrant disregard for the law was compounded by his ties to scandal plagued figures in California. The last straw was Newsom’s ballot initiative to strip law-abiding gun owners of their Constitutional rights without due process. Newsom’s position is extreme even for the state of California.

Michael brings the intensity and loyalty of a former Marine. His appreciation for the Second Amendment and clean government has sharpened during both his time in the military and in the practice of law. Having to see efforts to strip citizens of their rights and privileges, especially for personal gain has inspired Michael to lead the fight to recall the Lt. Governor.

Please join our effort, sign the petition, share on Facebook and do anything else you can to put this item on the ballot. The erosion of civil and personal liberties is far too serious of an issue to ignore any longer. We appreciate your time and your support.

Ehline can be contacted at michael@ehlinelaw.com