Leading the Fight: Attorney Alan Beck

There has been no more fervent defender of the Second Amendment in the state of California than attorney Alan Beck. His work standing up for the rights of American citizens has been exemplary and more important than ever as movements to diminish the right to bear arms accelerate.

Alan Beck graduated with a JD from the University of San Diego and has used his time as an attorney to help those without a voice. Not only has his work assisted clients, but his time as a Marine Corps Tank Crewman highlighted an appreciation for civil rights, especially the Second Amendment.

Beck has been involved with a series of lawsuits defending the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms, usually in some very unfriendly territory. His work includes many in Hawaii, which is the strictest in the country for those previously convicted of a violent crime.

Beck is currently challenging the Aloha State in its ban of long arm carry in Young v State of Hawaii and its ban on firearms ownership for those convicted of a violent crime in Fisher v Kealoha. He previously fought and won against the state’s handgun laws in Baker v. Kealoha in the Ninth Circuit.

He is representing Ares Armor in a case against the ATF in Lycurgan Inc. v. Jones. Beck was cited by the Heller Foundation for his outstanding work in the field against the National Firearms Act. Beck won in Fotoudis v. City and County of Honolulu et al., covered in FoxNews. In this case, resident aliens were allowed the right to possess firearms, which Hawaii had previously restricted. This case is a strong push in the right direction, as will be the recall of Gavin Newsom.