State GOP Endorses the Recall Petition!

Perhaps the Start of the Next Gray Davis Moment

If you follow our site regularly, you know that we have been at this for several years now. In fact, our movement started while Gavin Newsom was still the Lt. Governor of the state under Jerry Brown. After his multiple gun grabbing efforts, we saw the corruption and incompetence coming. We decided to step up the effort after Newsom took the reins in Sacramento.

And we’re especially glad we did.

Now, the state Republican Party is backing our cause. Last week, the state GOP announced that it supported a recall effort against the Governor.

The Sacramento Bee reported on the big developments.

Even better, the organizations are raising money to further the effort. The SacBee reported that:

The two committees leading the effort to recall Newsom have reported raising nearly $53,000, according to filings made with the Secretary of State’s Office. Republican congressional candidate Erin Cruz raised $5,000 through her RAN Action Fund, while San Diego physician James Veltmeyer raised nearly $48,000 through his “Californians to Recall Gavin Newsom” coalition. Veltmeyer is also a former Republican congressional candidate.

It also appears that with the news coverage and grassroots support, the effort is just warming up. Furthermore, there is no significantly larger public support for such an action than previous. We now have a real shot of pulling this off.

Join the Fight!

Our group is just one of several with the same goal. To find out more or to sign the petition, please visit other parts of the site. Furthermore, if you are interested in carrying a petition in person please contact us or join one of our sister organizations growing up across the state.

California deserves better, and we might just be able to make it happen. We did it in 2003– and now it’s time to do it in 2020!

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