President Trump Highlights California’s Growing Homeless Crisis

Getting Too Much National Attention

As if the Golden State wasn’t receiving enough negative attention, it only seems to get worse. Our state has the worst homelessness problem in the entire nation. Furthermore, while representing just over 10% of the national population, CA makes up about one third of all of the welfare rolls nationally. Furthermore, state policies only make the homeless problem worse. For a state that needs an App to navigate around human feces in the street, Governor Gavin Newsom seems to be taking a hiatus from responsibility.

So much for his oath to the state and people of California.

Now President Donald Trump is weighing in with his own thoughts. After relentless attacks by Governor Newsom, the President tweeted about the longstanding homeless crisis our state faces.

FoxNews reported on the case, with local businesswoman Elizabeth Novak pitching in. Novak went on the morning show Fox and Friends and brought up what we’ve all been thinking:

“While Gavin is, you know, spending his time like I said before in trolling Donald Trump and not really doing his job, our president is going through a highly illegal impeachment process and he’s listening to us more than our own governor and, I say, bravo, President Trump,”

Fixing the Bigger Problem

Governor Newsom has much bigger priorities than picking a fight with the Commander in Chief. In addition, the underlying issues are not being addressed at all. In fact, they are only getting worse. All of the national attention is well deserved. Sanctuary laws and more make this state worse. Furthermore, there are no real fixes in the work. Governor Newsom owes us more than this.

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