People Fleeing California Accelerated in 2019

Part of a Wider Trend

For the seventh year in a row, more people left California than moved to it. This is a stunning rebuke to the policies of Governors Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom. Now that the Golden State is facing severe poverty and economic pressure, this is the time for deep and structural reform. However, the leaders in Sacramento don’t seem ready to make the changes our state needs in order to survive and thrive.

In 2019, a massive 691,000 people left the state for other parts of the nation. In fact, it should be no suprise that Texas is the number one destination for these emigres. Furthermore, Texas added more jobs in 2018 than all of the other 49 states in the union. Second on the list for Californians leaving their former home state is next door Arizona. Third is Washington and fourth in Nevada. Rounding out the top ten, only one of the states that Californians are moving to is a high tax state: New York. The other nine are all low tax destinations.

This is some terrible news to close out the year with. The San Francisco Gate covered the surprising (yet not really surprising) story.

More to Come in the Near Future

Even worse, a full half of the state’s residents are considering moving to greener pastures. Don’t let my words convince you– let’s see what the Gate wrote:

Even for those hanging on to the California dream, more than half are considering leaving, according to a recent UC Berkeley poll. As for why people keep moving out of the Golden State, there’s no real surprise there: The high cost of housing was the number one reason cited.

California’s economy is truly struggling, and the trend is only getting worse. Governor Newsom can’t take all of the blame, but considering that he and Brown have been in power for nine years, he can’t escape responsibility for the disaster our state faces.

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