Opinion Piece Asks: Is California a Failed State?

May Soon be Unable to Fulfill its Promises

California is in deep trouble again. Don’t just take it from this site– you could probably tell we already believed that. However, you can find that out from even left-wing publications now questioning the state’s viability.

And that doesn’t mean just a failed state as in terms of the union. Instead, it means it in the wider context: is California on the brink of not being able to provide the services it promises to both citizens and illegal immigrants? The signs seem to be pointing to yes, unfortunately. Furthermore, the state’s policies are becoming more radical at a time that the state cannot handle any more major changes. In addition, the sharply increased spending will catch up to the state in time– and probably sooner rather than later.

How did we get here?

Take a look at this recently published Bloomberg piece, sharply stating that California is in “big trouble” again. Ouch. Not a very good way to describe the state. The whole nation is going through a major economic boom– and yet California seems to be lagging behind again. Why?

Most likely due to a variety of failed Democratic policies and their effects.

Considering that Bloomberg is a center left publication, this must be a very bitter pill to swallow.

Fundamental Issues

The state budget is stuck together with tape and bubble gum, carrying small surpluses due to heavy new taxation. However, the state may be headed back to the bad old days of $40 billion deficits like in 2010 (not a typo). Furthermore, the state’s homeless population spiked 5.3% between 2010 and 2018– and the state represents a full half of all homeless in the nation. Furthermore, the state’s population of citizens is actually decreasing. Thousands move out of the state every month to escape high taxation and regulation. Most of these familiies leaving are solidly middle class, to boot.

Will the last person out of the state turn out the lights?

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