No, There Hasn’t Been a Massive Surge in Mass Shootings

Refuting the Incorrect “Facts” in the Gun Control Debate

Alright, this one has been a pet peeve of mine for a long time. For us in the Golden State, we’ve been persecuted as legal gun owners for too long. Starting from the top with Governor Gavin Newsom, politicians love to make us out to be the root of all of the state’s problems. Not only are we following the law, they usually aren’t. There are too many hypocritical cases of gun grabbers defying gun laws. In addition, their laws are often not even constitutional. Enough really is enough.

So in my mailbox I received this note about the supposed epidemic of gun violence sweeping across the country. Unfortunately for the author, it’s just not true.

Screenshot 2019-12-29 at 4.44.54 PM

Pew did some research on the topic not long ago. Despite what you hear on the media, gun crime fell dramatically in our nation over the last three decades. That includes killing spree style shootings. These mass shootings gain more media coverage– and in some cases even more victims. However, they are more rare than in times past. This includes school shootings, as well.

Review this chart from the Pew story:

Gun Crime Statistics

As you can see, not only is gun crime falling, but it is by leaps and bounds. This correlates strongly with the expansion of concealed carry rights across the nation. Now with more states passing shall issue and constitutional carry statutes, the crime rates are falling even further. For example, according to FBI statistics, the rate of murder fell over 50% since 1990– an astonishing accomplishment.

Crime Rates Tell Another Story

Of course, some of the areas with the most stubborn crime rates remain the same places where gun control is the strongest. Chicago often comes to mind. Where the average person cannot defend themselves, they are the most vulnerable.

Let’s not let what happened here in California infect the rest of the nation. We owe that to ourselves!

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