California to Lose Congressional Seat After Census

For the First Time in State History

California is likely going to lose at least one Congressional seat after the 2020 census due to its declining population growth. For many decades, California was the fastest-growing state by population in the nation. However, terrible socialist policies scared away much of the middle class. With the population of the state set to shrink over the coming decade, California’s situation may get even worse. The Democrats have almost total control over the state, which has scared away families by the tens of thousands. Here we see why such a situation affected the potential Congressional seats.

California’s 55 members of Congress is by far the largest delegation in the nation. The almost 40 million residents of the state have an outsized influence in both Congress and the Electoral Congress. With Democrats keeping solid control over the state’s votes, any loss in seats could easily decrease the the state’s voice at the table.

Another Major Decline for the Golden State

The Sacramento Bee reported that the state is looking at a loss in its Congressional delegation. This would be the first time in the state’s history. Furthermore, California’s population growth lags behind the remainder of the country. This will have major political implications in the not too distant future. The state may lose up to two seats as other states, such as Texas, gain representation.

Local politicians, of course are concerned about the effects.

Local officials fear that a lag in funding, a move to more automation and fewer staff and offices, and the Trump administration’s attempt to add a controversial citizenship question could also lead to fewer Californians responding to the census in 2020. That would cost California not just in terms of political representation, but also in terms of the federal funding directed to the state. Funds for many federal programs are calculated based off of the census’ headcount.

We have yet another loss of prestige thanks to the policies of Gavin Newsom. No thanks for the state’s declining middle class.

Newsom Tries to Blame Texas for San Fran’s Homeless

Even Politifact Calls it “Ridiculous”

California’s Gavin Newsom is up to his old tricks again. Instead of tackling the state’s burgeoning homeless problem, he’s just making excuses. The Governor made a careless remark that San Francisco’s homeless issues wasn’t the fault of California or the city, but instead Texas. Texas, of course, is growing by leaps and bounds due to its pro-citizen policies. The Golden State, also of course, is suffering due to its flirtations with socialism. The Governor should learn this lesson instead of casting stones on the Lone Star State’s successes.

The claim was so bad that even the left-leaning “fact checking” site Politifact called it “ridiculous.” It earned that site’s worst rating– pants on fire, a major political lie. When asked by an HBO program, the Governor and former San Francisco Mayor said that the majority of the city’s homeless were from other states. He did so in response to the program’s question of why the homeless population did not reduce during his tenure as Mayor.

He went on with his bizarre claim:

“The vast majority (of San Francisco’s homeless people) also come in from — and we know this — from Texas. Just (an) interesting fact,”

Homeless Population Increasing Sharply

Even worse for the Governor, the homeless population of San Francisco increases rapidly. The population increased by 17% over the last two years. Furthermore, his claim was incredibly spurious. According to San Francisco’s own homeless count, the vast majority were from San Francisco. A smaller amount said they were from other parts of California. In the 2019 survey, just 8% said that they came from out of state. When he was Mayor, the 2007 count said that just 16% were from out of the state. When the city offered free bus tickets for the homeless to leave, Texas was the most popular out of state destination. This contradicts the Governor’s statements– and actually shows the exact opposite of the Governor’s statement.

Politifact was clear:

Newsom’s office pointed to data from San Francisco’s bus ticket program for homeless people. But that defense doesn’t hold up. It shows just a small fraction, less than 7 percent, left for Texas, and doesn’t demonstrate that they originally came to San Francisco from that state.

In the end, we found Newsom made a ridiculous claim.