Time Short as Newsom Gun Grab Initiative Reaches Ballot

It seems like time is running short as one of the major goals of Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom has reached the ballot. The so-called “Safety for All” initiative, or Proposition 63, has reached the ballot for November’s election. Considering that this is a presidential election year, it is likely that turnout for the vote will be exceptionally high. All of this makes the proposition more likely to pass.

More details about Proposition 63 can be found on its Ballotpedia page. The measure was certified for the ballot on June 23rd. The proposed measures would ban large capacity magazines as well as force background checks to buy ammunition. Even the Mercury News, which supports more gun control, came out with an editorial opposing Newsom’s power grab, saying in part: “More permanent” is precisely the problem. An initiative can’t be changed to correct problems without going back to voters. It should be a last resort when lawmakers refuse to deal with an important issue.

It is imperative that we work together to block the Lt. Governor from taking even more power from the hands of the people. We need all hands on deck. Please sign the petition and consider donating to our cause.