Sanctuary Cities Linked to Higher Crime Rates

Heaviest Burden Falls on Poor, Minorities

The practice of cities to allow illegal immigrants into the fold violates federal law. This ties to thousands of crimes both within California and elsewhere.

The Washington Examiner ran a piece about the phenomenon, noting that municipalities that allow for unfettered access by illegal aliens have unleashed a crime wave that expanded to over 43 states.¬†We know better than this now. Governor Newsom’s statements otherwise are just not accurate.

Surely this data must be from radical right wing sources? Not exactly. The information compiled from a Department of Homeland Security report¬†including Immigration and Customs Enforcement data. The Examiner writes about the release by “276 sanctuary cities of 8,145 illegals held on criminal charges from January to August” of last year and its effects on other areas.

These releases led to 1,867 of the above arrested 4,298 times and those arrests resulting in 7,491 charges. Similar studies into the data have shown a relative rise in crime. This is due to an increase of such policies– predicated on the flagrant disregard for federal law.

Most of the burden for these crimes lands on the shoulders of the inhabitants of these cities. More often than not, these cities are disproportionately poor and minority. The increasing levels of crime wind up affecting honest hard-working people, both native-born and immigrant.

Well-meaning social policy, like those pushed by Governor Newsom are far more responsible for increases in crime and inequality than any exercise of rights by citizens. Restricting the Second Amendment will not prevent the misuse of the judicial system. For example, by criminals while efforts by cities to release criminals will encourage it.