New Effort to Ban ‘Assault Weapons’ in Legislature

A new effort to ban ‘assault weapons’ has entered into the State Senate. Lawmakers in Sacramento are considering Senate Bill 880. State Senators Isadore Hall and Steve Glazer brought forth a similar measure to the ones already considered in the Assembly, AB 1663 & 1664, Senate Bill 880.

The proposed law can be seen on the California legislature website.

The bills are not exactly the same but carry some same factors. These include a new requirement that would make compulsory the so-called “bullet button,” forcing a magazine to be detached only with a special tool. In addition, all “assault weapons” in the state would have to be registered. If they are not registered with the state of California, the owners face confiscation and criminal charges. These weapons will not be able to be passed down as an inheritance in most cases. The state would retain the information on the weapons, potentially allowing for confiscation at a later date.

Perhaps the most dangerous part of the bill is that it would retroactively criminalize “assault weapons” purchased between 2001 and 2016 unless they are registered. This would dramatically change the state of gun politics and civil rights in the state at a time that they are very endangered.

The effort is not new and mirrors similar efforts in the past, as well as gun laws enacted in both New York State and Connecticut. In both of these states the number of gun owners that complied with the law is estimated at well under 10%. The Senate bill may be stalled while the Assembly bill may advance to passage. It is unclear if Governor Brown would sign the deal, although it is likely that Lt. Governor Newsom will emphatically support such a deal.

Our organization will further cover this story and let you know what happens. Expect more in the news as it goes through committee.