As Bullet Button Law Goes Into Effect, Defiance and Non-Compliance

Defy the Poorly Thought Out Law

Gun owners from across California are refusing to comply with the newest gun control measures out of Sacramento. The so called bullet button law comes into force shortly. As a result, many Californians are fed up with the cumulative effects of all of these draconian laws.

Pushed heavily by California’s Democratic Party establishment, including Gavin Newsom, these types of laws are gaining traction. With Newsom’s sweeping gun control ideas headed to the ballot later this year, further restrictions will occur.

The Bullet Button company is now offering a legal means for Californians to get around the new law. A simple mechanism broke hold of the new laws written by people with little or no knowledge about guns or gun safety. FoxNews reported that sales of firearms that would be grandfathered in under the new law have surged. Many residents are outraged at the gross overreach of state government time and again.

The gun control efforts only become worse as time goes on. This will further compound as more power is centered in the state capitol. The election of Gavin Newsom to the governorship would be a unique disaster for the future of the state. In fact, it may be one that the state is never able to recover from.

Recall Newsom: Leading the Charge

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