Association of Deputy District Attorneys Publishes Statement Against Newsom Initiative

The California Association of Deputy District Attorneys’ site has published a statement against Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom’s effort to severely restrict gun right in the state. The article was written by the Vice President of the organization acting on her own, issuing a strong condemnation of the ballot initiative, which appears poise to make it before the state’s voters in November.

The statement can be found on the ADDA website. It further stated in part that Newsom’s ploy will do “nothing to stop criminals who commit murder.”

The statement also went on to explain how the initiative would severely impact currently law abiding gun owners. The severe regulations on any gun owner to purchase ammunition would be onerous and severely impact those that hunt, shoot for sport, or keep for self defense. The proposed law would also ban the import of ammunition from outside of the state. The law erroneously lumps in speedloaders and magazines as “ammunition.”

Perhaps most telling the proposed law will forcibly seize all magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds of ammunition, whether they are legal presently and grandfathered.

The author, Michele Hanisee, is the Vice President of the Organization, wrote, “Criminals who are willing to commit murder will not be deterred by laws making it a misdemeanor to possess magazines with a capacity over 10 rounds. Imposing these restrictions on law-abiding Californians accomplishes nothing.”

The expert’s words speak for themselves. Lt. Governor Newsom’s efforts are clearly counterproductive and do nothing to stop real crime in the state while he would make millions of law abiding Californians into felons overnight. These issues are too important to pass up or to ignore. Please join our effort to protect the civil and human rights of the people of our state. We don’t need Newsom’s effort to serve as a template for other states to follow.