Analysis: Legal Gun Ownership Sharply Reduces Crime

As reported in the Daily Caller, any increase in legally owned guns tends to reduce the amount of criminal activity in an area. Some of the states with the highest per capita rates of legal gun ownership, such as Vermont, are also on the bottom of violent crime rates.

States that consistently restrict the right of the people to have and bear arms overlap with those with the highest rates of violent criminal offenses and murder. This includes Maryland, California, and Illinois. Similarly, the District of Columbia has a similar effect considering it had essentially banned handguns.

The Daily Caller article includes a helpful map showing where and how legally carrying adults stopped a myriad of crimes. This includes cases of home invasions, robberies, and in public places. All in all, the analysis showed nearly three hundred lives saved in just these cases. This does not take into account hundreds or thousands of unreported incidents or those still sealed by court order.

Furthermore, there appears to be a growing trend of young people and especially women being protected from assault by having and using arms. This effect is amplified by the owner being properly trained in how to handle, clean, and fire their weapons. Proper understanding of the effects of legally owned and operated firearms is a basic part of statistical analysis and to understand the patterns of crime.

Overall, there was a healthy cross section of the types of stopped crimes as well as the demographic mix of those that defended themselves. This also flies directly in the face of assertions from Lt. Governor Newsom and President Obama. Undermining their “evidence,” especially in light of the recent Executive Order and California ballot initiative can be used to protect the rights of all citizens to defend themselves and their families from harm.