Why is Gov Newsom Campaigning in Iowa While Our State is On Fire?

Where is Our Governor?

Like it or not, until and unless we recall Gavin Newsom, he is still the Governor of California. While we have power outages and wildfires, the least he could do is actually act like one. However, the state is still in need of a central figure while he is playing politician in other states.

Fires have settled down somewhat, but the state is still in need of leadership. Thousands of acres and homes were destroyed, and yet the Governor doesn’t seem to care. Instead, he was recently in Iowa to campaign for our other do-nothing local official, Kamala Harris. Perhaps Newsom’s campaigning there did to her campaign what he’s done to our state. She dropped out less than a week later. Oops.

Regardless of these grandiose political dreams, Newsom is still not doing his job. The SacBee reported on what the Governor’s gameplan was this coming weekend (before Harris announced she was leaving the race):

Newsom will help kick off a canvassing event for Harris in the Des Moines area on Saturday, Dec. 14. Later that day he’ll also speak about the senator’s record on LGBT rights and will attend a Harris campaign party at a private home in Des Moines. The following day, he’ll visit canvass event in Cedar Rapids and will attend a climate action-themed party for her at a home in Coralville.

So instead of actually acting as our chief executive, he was planning to spend time virtue signaling 2,000 miles away? Gotcha.

A Renewed Call for Action

If this doesn’t get you ready to recall Governor Newsom, I’m not sure that anything will. For more info on how to get involved, contact us or read other pages on our site. Furthermore, our group’s actions are growing alongside other statewide orgs. Together, we might be able to take California back.

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