California to Stop Suspending Students for Defiance

The Next in a Long List of Bad Decisions

In a surprising (yet not surprising) and disappointing move, California is taking another step in the wrong direction. The Golden State’s school system is already ranked at a gentleman’s C according to the Mercury News. However, the system under Governor Gavin Newsom is making the situation even worse.

Legislation Ruining Discipline in Schools

According to Senate Bill 419, Democrats pushed through a major new change in educational policy. The bill, still winding its way through the Legislature after being passed by the Assembly August 19th would do the unthinkable.

The bill that passed the Assembly would ban schools from suspending students in grade four through eight for disrupting school activities or willfully defying school authorities, including administrators and teachers.

By January 1, 2025, the process would continue further. The policy would expand into high school, leading to major and expanding behavioral issues. As if CA doesn’t have enough problems already. Furthermore, California’s schools are both among the highest funded and worst crowded. Socialist policies and poor choices led to these issues. Governor Newsom is doubling down on the same issues that caused the problems in the first place. And now the Assembly and State Senate is doing the same.

Even worse, the new law would apply not only to public schools but also charter schools. Elementary schools in California already cannot suspend disruptive students between kindergarten ad third grade. Furthermore, current law also bans the school from recommending expulsion of disruptive students.

Should the bill become law, it would become effective July 1, 2020. Just in time for the next school year.

If you have a problem with the new bill, speak out. Contact our organization for more info. Furthermore, write to your Assembly member or State Senator. Just another bill passed in Sacramento meant to ruin the state a little bit further.


  1. Pamela Perna | | Reply

    Newsom needs to be stopped. He is worse than Davis!

  2. Stefanie | | Reply

    How long will it take to get this POS out

  3. Leah Morgan | | Reply

    Newsome has failed us in more ways then we can keep up with. He’s in a rush to take away our basic rights.

  4. Sonia Deming | | Reply


  5. Ellen | | Reply

    California has the worst politician/crooks in the country!!

  6. Jason Gu | | Reply

    Dishonor the democrats.

  7. Rita Bartholio | | Reply

    What kind of a governor do we have! I can’t believe this! The teachers have no control if they can’t suspend disruptive students! Kids now days have no respect for their teachers! Our son is a teacher in Santa Ana at a high school & believe me he has so much trouble with students! Get rid of Newsome & his liberal views!

  8. Joyel Kunkle | | Reply

    This destructive nonsense has to end NOW!! It’s time to take back California and be a place we can proud of.

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