CA, Newsom Double Down on Illegal Immigrant Benefits

Bars Arrests in Courthouses for Immigration Offenses

The Los Angeles Times reported on the dramatic– but not very surprising– changes to the law.

According to the law, young people brought to the country illegally as children– the Dreamers– now can receive graduate tuition as the same rates as citizen children of Califonia. State Senator Maria Elena Durazo, of Los Angeles, said that she believes that the Governor will extend Medi-Cal benefits for illegal immigrants above the age of 65 next year. Newsom extended such benefits to illegal immigrants up until the age of 25 this year. Durazo originally wanted the coverage for all illegals. However, this did not pass due to its estimated $2.3 billion pricetag.

Newsom also signed legislation allowing illegal immigrants to serve on government boards and commissions. The Governor also barred the arrest of such illegals for immigration violations in state courthouses.

Such policies are the next stage in the long decline of California. Unfortunately, with Democrats having a filibuster-proof majority in the Legislature, there’s not much that the rest of the state can do. The coast controls the legislation coming in and out of the statehouse. Sacramento is now completely at the mercy of Governor Newsom and his allies.

Setting the Bar Even Lower

The Governor’s use of special protections for illegal immigrants is very dangerous to begin with. He barred local police from working with ICE or the federal government. Furthermore, Newsom supports the use of state dollars for just about every program to benefit illegals over native born or naturalized citizens. The state is entering into a dangerous spiral out of control. For all of the faults of Jerry Brown, he seemed to hold a radical like Gavin Newsom in check. Now that Newsom and his allies are in charge of the state, it’s looking more and more like a failed state.

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