Blackouts a Symptom of CA’s Political Failures

Back to the Gray Davis Days

Blackouts and brownouts are rolling across California again. It’s the same as the bad old days under Governor Gray Davis. This is supposed to be a first world state. Instead, California’s power grid and electricity system is acting more like that of a failed state. It’s a complete disgrace. In fact, despite all of the talk about the recent wildfires, the true cause of many of the electricity issues are man made. Our should we say– Democrat made.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on the issues in a recent article. In many ways, the state control of the electrical grid caused severe issues. The state supports PG&E as a state monopoly. This utility is unable to properly keep the lights on, while it also racks up the dollars on executive spending and stock options. Democrats in the legislature and Governor’s mansion looked the other way for years as PG&E did not fulfill its obligations to clear flammable brush out of the way of power lines.

Failed Government Policies and More

Furthermore, the use of electricity mandates are causing even more issues. California has not built any nuclear power plants in decades. Furthermore, environmental policy effectively bans the construction of any new large power dams in the state. Right there– the two largest carbon-neutral sources of power are off the table for consumers.

Meanwhile, people like Governor Newsom will virtue signal and tell us all about how we need to save the environment. Instead, his mandates for green energy are actually spiking prices while creating a less stable power grid. Tech has not caught up to what the Governor wants yet. Furthermore, California is becoming increasingly dependent on importing energy from out of the state. This situation is unsustainable and unacceptable. Hopefully, voters will use this as a chance to make a change.

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