When in the course of human events, our elected leaders circumvent the Republic and seek power built upon a web of lies and outright dishonesty, it becomes necessary to remove, or recall them from office. One such public servant who should be thrown out immediately, is Gavin Newsom. This public servant appeals to the low information voter by seeking to destroy the fundamental, unalienable rights of Christians, gun owners and other law abiding American citizens with the traditional family values that made the country prosperous.

This site will uncover the following about Gavin Newsom:

  • Refute line by line his gun control agenda, facts and statistics which are complete fabrications;
  • Explore and uncover his ties with the criminal underground in California, including anti gun criminal, Leland Yee;
  • Detail the history of your natural rights to keep and bear common infantry weapon for self defense and defense of your country as a freeborn American.

Women, rape victims, and other minorities being attacked by criminals, and socialist politicians will have an opportunity here to speak out, add their own articles, and speak out about Gavin and the destruction he is wreaking upon the California Republic. Come help us fund raise and gather signatures. Let’s throw this man out of office, for good!