About Gavin Newsom

A State’s Disaster

Gavin Newsom’s rise has been breathtakingly fast and unbearably crooked. Riding on a dearth of accomplishments, he entered the San Francisco Mayor’s office at just 36– leading to an economic disaster. During his tenure the average rent soared, as economic opportunities for working people dried up.

Newsom ran for Mayor claiming to be a pro-business moderate but instead worked to rip the heart out of commerce in the community. His tenure was marked by increasingly radical positions, usually at the expense of the working and middle classes.

During his term as Mayor he:

  • Supported banning breeds of dogs in the city.
  • Fostered an environment of high crime, especially compared to LA and New York City.|
  • Transformed San Francisco into a sanctuary city for juvenile alien criminals.
  • Restricted food sales to struggling families
  • Dismantled private initiatives to increase the quantity and quality of housing in the city.

Newsom used this flimsy record to run for Lieutenant Governor in 2010. Since securing election with Governor Jerry Brown, California has entered into a death cycle. California’s economy has grown at a much slower rate than most of the country and has consistently had a much higher unemployment rate.

California has entered into a death cycle in the last six years, with substantial business, social, and fiscal crises. The Lt. Governor has gone out of his way to support radical gun control measures that are clearly unconstitutional, even though the state already has the strictest gun laws nationwide.

Among other issues, California has faced under Brown and Newsom:

  • Tied for the 9th highest unemployment rate in the country.
  • Has the highest percentage of residents on welfare for any large state.
  • Has poverty rates for Black and Latino families about 50% higher than Texas adjusted for standard of living.
  • A ballooning budget deficit– the largest in the country by far.
  • Has the highest number of families– especially middle class families– leaving the state.

Since becoming Governor, Newsom has only increased his efforts. Please support our effort to have him removed from office via a recall, the same as Gray Davis in 2003.