‘Shrimp Boy’ Chow Convicted in Corruption Case

Raymond Chow, an ally of Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom and disgraced former State Senator Leland Yee, was convicted this week. Chow was found guilty of racketeering, murder, and other charges.

KTVU reported on the result, which included an ordered slaying to manipulate a Chinese-American community organization. This group was then used by Chow to launder money, fence stolen goods, and smuggle illegal weapons, tobacco, and alcohol.

An FBI informant testified that Chow repeatedly accepted bribes in exchange for setting up criminal activities.

Chow had previously claimed he left the criminal world behind. His now infamous photo with Lt. Governor Newsom raised uncomfortable questions, especially in light of both Newsom and Chow’s links to Leland Yee, who helped run an illegal gun running organization and has been convicted of racketeering. Chow allegedly helped set up bribes that were accepted by Yee, a staunch anti-gun advocate.

Chow had been lauded, but his path soon changed:

Chow testified to dealing drugs and getting involved in a street gang but said he decided to renounce criminal activity after engaging in meditation. He denied involvement in the slayings and said he was given the money because the agent was looking out for him, not in exchange for criminal activity.

Much of this activity happened under the nose of Gavin Newsom during his time as the Mayor of San Francisco. The escalating levels of Chow’s criminal activity correlated with Newsom’s rise, especially as Chow helped funnel money to the Democratic Party through Yee.

All of this stands in contrast with Yee’s official line that guns need to be heavily regulated– a possible opening to create a gun running organization that funneled money to organized criminal groups. Northern California residents should be aware of the tremendous work done by the FBI and other law enforcement to close this case out and send the guilty to jail.