Gov. Gavin Newsom: How to Destroy California in Less than 10 Years – California Globe

If I was a “progressive” governor and wanted to destabilize and destroy my state, there are certain policies I would impose, and orders I’d make, while insulating myself from my own policies:

Create a housing shortage.

Cut water off to rural areas in the state; remove dams and hydroelectric plants.

Limit water deliveries to farmers and ranchers.

Raise the minimum wage so high, restaurant owners are forced to lay off employees.

Pass policies killing manufacturing.

Pass policies bolstering a service economy.

Limit energy production to renewable energy only.

Limit gas and oil production creating a shortage, forcing people out of their cars and on to public transportation.

Order all internal combustion cars banned by 2035.

Mandate an all-electric state, including autos and trucks.

Install thousands of floating offshore wind turbines at a cost of $150 billion.

Legalize drugs.

Legalize sex with minors.

Legalize abortion up to baby’s birth.

Destroy the public education system by watering down actual disciplines of math and English, while sending your own children to private schools.

Promote affirmative action, racial preferences over merit.

Create fake crises – climate change, reparations.

Infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms by passing laws which nibble around the edges of the 2nd Amendment, creating defacto gun control.

Stop prosecuting crime.

Decriminalize certain crimes, resulting in emptying out state prisons.

Raise corporate taxes to discourage businesses from expanding.

Raise taxes and fees on public services and energy.

Raise income taxes on all income brackets.

Make it easier for local governments to raise taxes.

Impose a wealth tax.

Impose a death tax.

Force doctors to comply with state medical directives; punish those who refuse to comply.

Allow hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants into the state.

Provide free health care and welfare payments to illegal immigrants.

Allow illegal immigrants to vote in local elections.

Expand the size of government by hiring hundreds of thousands of state workers.

Create more labor unions jobs by expanding state government.

Encourage public schools to convince kids they are another gender; provide secret counseling to those kids; shelter kids from parents.

Limit media access in Capitol; reward compliant media.

Accept a gift of $3.7 million, 12,000 square foot mansion on 8 acres along the American River in Sacramento, then make $2.7 million tax-free for obtaining a cash-out refinance, and don’t report the gift on any financial disclosure forms.

Good job Gavin. You’ve outdone yourself.

Newsom’s policies have expedited the destruction of the most beautiful state; accelerated the declining population through outbound migration resulting in the loss of a congressional seat. He has irreparably harmed California’s businesses and once thriving economy starting with his 3 years of Covid lockdowns, which hurt mostly small business owners the most. Newsom more than quadrupled the drug-addicted homeless vagrants living on California streets making cities unlivable. He bolstered labor unions while crushing independent contractors and gig workers. Gavin Newsom increased poverty in California while growing state government.

It’s as if Gov. Newsom was very carefully and specifically trained on what it would take to destroy California – the one thing in which he actually excels – that, and feathering his own nest with ill-gotten gains.

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