About Us

Recall Newsom 2024 is a California political committee registered with the Secretary of State. Our purpose is to support and promote the new campaign to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom.
Recall Newsom 2024 is running an independent media campaign to inform and educate California voters about the atrocious record of Gavin Newsom and his destructive program to deconstruct the Golden State.

We will be developing and placing advertising – print, broadcast, and digital – throughout California to expose Newsom’s record and encourage voters to sign the Recall petition, which can be downloaded from this website. We will also be producing educational and collateral materials to support the Recall, like videos, brochures, rack cards, fact sheets, and a variety of items available for purchase from our Campaign Store.

Recall Newsom 2024 will be targeting prime California media markets – especially in purple regions or where there are large concentrations of independent and Latino voters – to run hard-hitting ads that will bring Newsom down, once and for all, and permanently thwart his presidential ambitions.

Please join our cause today with your most generous contribution.