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Welcome to the effort to recall Governor Gavin Newsom. Newsom and his predecessor Jerry Brown created a series of debilitating actions against the Constitution of California and the United States. They waged a war against the working people of the state.

Newsom is pushing an effort to undermine the few gun rights left for California residents. California’s already obscene gun laws are the strictest in the country. Now it will get a whole lot worse. California’s efforts have nearly destroyed the in-state gun industry and the rights of citizens to carry.

He also is ending the rule of law in the state by pushing unconstitutional efforts for illegal immigrants. By banning cooperation with ICE, he made CA into a lawless sanctuary state. Newsom also spearheaded the effort to give illegal immigrants driver’s licenses. His admin is out of control. He violates the oath he took to us citizens each and every day.

It’s time for the people to put an end to this. Please sign the petition here. Every single signature counts!

Despite California’s crashing economy and structural deficits, the Lt. Governor was somehow elected our Governor in 2018. Since taking office, he has moved even further to the left and has picked fights with the federal government and our own citizens. His efforts to pull the Democratic Party further to the left and constrict the rights and responsibility of Golden Staters is beyond the pale.


Our state needs your help! Furthermore, there is only a narrow window of time collecting the 900,000 signatures needed to get the recall petition on the ballot. Please share as widely as you can! Our state needs all the help it can get!

Please join our effort to recall Governor Gavin Newsom. Please sign up for our newsletter and sign the petition. Contact us for more info or volunteer to carry petitions! Furthermore, every signature, share, and dollar counts! We are in this fight together. Let’s see it through.